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  1. You seem to be unnecessarily abusive . Note you haven't figured out how to even make forum posts without replying to yourself and messing up quotations. Please pay attention to the multiple classes of system messages appearing at the top of the screen. I have designed user interfaces for consumer devices such as these, and I can tell you that the message styles are distinctly different. Please also attach a video of yourself eating your hat, as connect/disconnect messages do appear after following your "guaranteed"solution.
  2. 1. Disguising symptoms doesn't address the underlying problem. 2. Your guaranteed solution doesn't work to hide the connection/reconnection messages. The store setting probably refers to a different class of messages that appear near the top right hand corner, regarding system updates, license changes etc.
  3. There is no option to turn off messages in Home mode. It's not just the messages that are the problem. As soon as the Wired Lan Cable disconnected/Connected message appears ( which appears even if you're using WIFI and there is no LAN cable), but there is a subsequent problem with other HDMI connected devices being triggered by this event.
  4. I've had this for months on my LG C9 (OLED55C9PTA). Frequently when it happens, it also triggers a problem with one of my HDMI-connected devices suddenly failing e.g. AMP drops audio, or my BluRay is "discovered"even though it's turned off. I've tried turning off CEC and all the various "magic"device management features with no result. Ethernet and HDMI cables have been replaced.
  5. @dave2336 The TVs have ample memory to store apps and images. I can't conceive of what ethos LG is trying to project with the 1970s era photo choices it has selected for wallpaper. It's certainly wildly different to the ethos projected by the defaults on their smartphones.
  6. @patrick belanger Do you mean the background wallpaper that displays when the no signal message is shown? Wallpapers are static images for decoration - they are not screensavers, so screensaver settings have no effect.
  7. @Cody k Wallpapers aren't there to protect the screen, that's what screensavers are for. No static image will protect a screen.
  8. @Sylvain Decaux Transferring from USB to ROM should be straightforward as the photo gallery app allows you to do this. However you can't transfer these to the "Sample Photo" storage where the wallpaper images are stored
  9. The video references WebOS v3. Many new TVs are still on WebOS v2 which does not provide those features. I note video comments to the effect that users cannot do as implied in the video and disable the antenna.
  10. I tried that, but I get a big "No signal found" error message when an unused port is selected. v5.80.45
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