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  1. what? i don't believe this.. can somebody confirm this pls....
  2. Hi, Isn't there a way switch to US App store from Asia? any trick???
  3. Dear All; Can somebody help me adding these in to LG content store.. the following links provide only ioS or Android.. what we need compatible LG TV App. SLT PEOTVGO- https://www.slt.lk/en/peotv-go Dialog Viu - https://www.dialog.lk/dialogviu if we can have these two apps then we can watch live TV ... Pls help
  4. yahh with PLEX it works... but wonder how.. i have serviio also in my DLNA server.. that does not get sinhala subs from the same folder but PLEX does.. anyway lets hope Abans will add Sinhala in the next WebOS update.. mind you Tamil is already there...
  5. yahh.. it is strange.. i have UM7300PTA 4K tv, it does show sinhala fonts.. in the user agreement etc... however does not shw sinhal subtitle... when i was asking with Abans (LG locals service provider) people they said it should work... but sadly not... i guess we should have representation from Abans here to see what problems are facing by the SL people...
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