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  1. The Photo and Video App sees the correct number and names of Windows 10 WMP("Windows Media Player") Folders on my new OLED65C9. Videos can be streamed successfully from these folders by the Photo and Video app. Hovever, the Photo and Video App can't stream Photos, even though it correctly sees the folders that contain the photos. Unexpectedly, if one of these photo folders is copied to a folder named Pictures in an active Onedrive structure, it can be successfully streamed by the Photo and Video app. Would anyone have any ideas that would explain this behavior ?
  2. FWIW, after a subsequent contact with LG Customer Service, providing a serial number and asking for any available history related to this serial, I was able to learn the following. My TV was identified as a store demo assigned to one of the larger retail chains. I guess the take away from all of this is: 1. The "Total Power On Time" is a very useful metric to investigate 2. Some retailers do shady things HTH
  3. I recently bought a "new" OLED65C8 and it indicated a "Total Power On Time" of 3999 hours. I contacted LG Support via chat for an explanation and they abruptly terminated the chat, without explanation, when I asked how accurate this metric was and what tolerances it has. I suppose this metric could be an artifact from when the OS was imaged onto the new TV. However, in the worst case, a shady retailer could be selling used/refurbished product as new. But, if I'm not mistaken, this metric can be reset via the service panel. If so, you'd think the shady individual would also reset the hours to zero. I'll post again if I find any thing that is significant.

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