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  1. Hello all, Can anyone help me with cookies enable option on my browser? Also, is there anyway by which we can install Chrome Browser App?
  2. Hello, I am of the opinion, LG Smart TVs are way too good as compared to the others in the market. Of course, no TV can do everything. I have connected this to my home theatre and get beautiful sound quality (audio optical out option for my Phillips Sound System). A TV is a TV not a home theatre. On the picture quality front it is very good. HDR is amazing, 4K is amazing (of course waiting for much more content). The only shortcoming is it doesn't have all App support. Thanks..
  3. Hi all, Pls let me know how I can download the airtel xstream app in my smart tv 55sm8100pta model. Also, when I go for Google sign in, it says enable cookies but I am not aware where the option lies. Regards Ramprasad
  4. Hello al. How do we install Airtel Xstream App on my 55SM8100Pta TV? Pls let me know..
  5. Press up button and the settings gets highlighted, should help...
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