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  1. Should we always press the Voice Recognition button on the remote control to start using this feature? What about an active listening voice recognition feature? Isn't it possible in 42LB6500 model?
  2. mottcorrea

    webOS 2.0 Information

    I was so excited with LG WebOS however this news is very disappointing. This is the reason why we should focus on AppleTV or AndroidTV. Google and Apple care about customers and their new operating systems are backward compatible in most cases.
  3. Is there a way to stream content to my SmartTV LG 42LB6500 (WebOS) by using my iOS devices? Like we can do with iOS to AppleTV by using AirPlay. Content as follows: - iTunes music and videos - Photos from my Camera Roll - Google Music - SoundCloud Music - etc. Reasons: - I have an iPhone and I am not able to stream any content to my LG. - MediaShare seems not be compatible with iOS. - There aren't such apps in the LG Store currently (like SoundCloud, Google Music, etc)