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  1. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi. Are there no information about what the fixes fix? \Lars
  2. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Nope, can't tell the diffience between 5.00.04 and this one. No memory error after 3h20m. But now it's time for bed. (I am happy now no more MEM error).
  3. WebOS TV Firmware version

    After 1h40m still no memory error on Pioneer HDMI/CEC Simplink, i hope it works now
  4. WebOS TV Firmware version

    That the same answer i got from LG Denmark. Btw ive tested the 5.00.05 version on my pioneer and still memory error
  5. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi all I have now tested the 5.00.04 version, and are sad to say that the ARC/HDMI error has been reproduced after only 45 min. I really hope it will be fixed in a later version. But i have to wait for the FW to be released in Denmark, before i can contact LG support. They fixed it once before and maby i'll have luck once more to make em fix it again. Maby i'll downgrade or buy an optical cabel.
  6. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi Simon Demonrider, for Denmark you can install this: для наших стран -> 05.00.04 от 09.2015 (на системе ashley вместо arches) Well i did the downgrade to version 4.42.25, But does not seem to be the right 5,00.04 FW. So i just wait i guess :-)
  7. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi Can i use this fw on my 55lb730v regeon Denmark Где взять ссылку на скачивание бета-версии прошивки? Вот ссылки на загрузку последних бета-версий прошивок (обновлено 02.09.2015):для наших стран -> 05.00.04 от 09.2015 (на системе ashley вместо arches); для Китая (CN), Гонконга (HK) -> 05.00.04 от 09.2015 (на системе ashley вместо arches); Found on the russian site. Regards
  8. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Thanks Dejan. u r the Man
  9. WebOS TV Firmware version

    i just tried fw. 5.10.02 still simplink error. so downgraded again to 4.65.05 via south africa I really hope final release fixes simplink.
  10. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi. Anyone know where i can dl fw v.4.65.05 for 55lb730v ? Location Denmark :-)
  11. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I really hope the simlink / arc / Hdmi issue is solved by then
  12. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi. Strange Fw version is going down not up 5.10.02 ==> 5.00.04
  13. WebOS TV Firmware version

    thanks for the link to downgrade fw. Now i happy again back on 4.65 all works fine. Took about 15 Min to setupup and flash :-))) Btw i hope when final fw 5.x.x. get's released they have solved the simplink error once again
  14. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi all. can someone Please tell me how to downgrade and what software to use. i have a 55lb730v i still get memory error after 1-2 hours use with beta 5. i use simplink to transfer sound via hdmi to my DTS reciver. do any one have this problem, or is it just me. and would and optical cable stop the memory error? and yes i did a factory reset :-( P.s. Tnx Tehknic just saw ur reply :-) ill try that later.i
  15. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Ups i installed the beta fw. but i want to go back. How do i do that. eng translation onthe russian site suck's Reason. Hdmi don't work so good. after 1-2 hours of use, the good old memory error closes the hdmi, og i have to turn tv off and on, to continue to watch a dvd. :-(