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  1. my 55LB671V has been updated to 04.55.15 yesterday, this is beta build for DE/GB region, Im from CZ it seems better speed of TV guide and response when Im changing channels. Im using DVB-T only. But still EPG is downloaded just for selected multiplex without any caching , so when you turn off TV you will se empty epg when you start tv again , for 5multiplex you need to change the channel WHY THERE IS NO CACHING OF EPG!!!! e.g. for 1k channesl 1day cache will be 1MB..? the tv has 1GB!!! and I hope that slim version of webOS 2.0 will be soon
  2. I have the latest for Czech Republic 04.32.20 (1.3.1-3220 webOS), but I used tip from NedimB, I switched to the Germany and system was updated to the 04.41.32 (1.3.2-3232 webOS) than I switched back to Czech Republic - I have the latest firmware and LG store is working. Thanks NedimB

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