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  1. By chance, do you also have an Ethernet cable plugged in? If so, disconnect the hard wire and I believe you will be able to activate the WiFi.
  2. Unfortunately, this has been a recurring topic where others, including myself, have complained about the lack of an HBO viewing app with no helpful response from LG. Several others have different ideas about why an HBO app isn't offered, but it would be nice if LG would give a response. There are a number of other posts about this issue for which you may search and some have offered alternative methods to try and watch HBO, none of which seemed like what I wanted (I just want to fire up the app and watch HBO, just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Showtime). Welcome to the unhappy customer club.
  3. Naveen - this has been the subject of a number of previous posts. I have the same issue, but have never heard a response from LG. Other users/posters have suggested work around approaches, none of which I find particularly applicable to what I would like to do. I just wanted an App, just like Showtime, Netflix, etc., to stream HBO and have access to their archives, something which is much more awkward through my cable box.
  4. Cody - It was explained to me that different TVs have different OSs. I'm well aware that other people can watch HBONow on some other LG TVs, and that is one reason I bought mine (just late last year). However, as it turns out, it just doesn't seem available for my LG OLED65C8P TV. If you have a suggestion that you know works first hand, I welcome your guidance.
  5. I have the exact same problem. There is no HBO Now app for the TV. Very frustrating. I purchased an OLED65C8P TV. It has Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, and a bunch of other apps available to be downloaded, but no HBONow app. Called the help line and didn't get a very clear answer and was told that it might come out in the next version of the OS, but two updates have occurred since that telecon. I wish we could get an official response from LG as to when it will be available, or why they can't seem to provide it given all the other apps seem to be available. My model TV is supposed to be considered a higher end model, so why can't that application be provided?
  6. I am frustrated that HBO Go is not offered for my LG TV (65" OLED 4K) that I bought just a couple of months ago. The previous post mentioned that it may be "region locked". Weird because I live in the Los Angeles area and HBO Go works fine on my phone. Seems strange that they wouldn't provide this for a supposedly high end TV.
  7. George - I'm in the Los Angeles area and have HBO viewing apps that work fine on my phone. My TV is a higher end model and it's a new model. Doesn't make sense to me that the app isn't available, especially since I have a Showtime app that works fine on the TV.
  8. I have the exact same issue. Just bought the 2018 OLED65C8, and can't find a HBO app. Tried all sorts of searches on the TV and on the LG site, but no success.

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