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  1. Rubindude

    How do I download the webOS app?

    I am frustrated that HBO Go is not offered for my LG TV (65" OLED 4K) that I bought just a couple of months ago. The previous post mentioned that it may be "region locked". Weird because I live in the Los Angeles area and HBO Go works fine on my phone. Seems strange that they wouldn't provide this for a supposedly high end TV.
  2. Rubindude

    Smart apps required

    It would also be great to have an HBO viewer app
  3. Rubindude

    HBO GO App

    George - I'm in the Los Angeles area and have HBO viewing apps that work fine on my phone. My TV is a higher end model and it's a new model. Doesn't make sense to me that the app isn't available, especially since I have a Showtime app that works fine on the TV.
  4. Rubindude

    HBO GO App

    I have the exact same issue. Just bought the 2018 OLED65C8, and can't find a HBO app. Tried all sorts of searches on the TV and on the LG site, but no success.