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  1. @CityPowerJhb what is the ETR on restoring power in Weltevredenpark? Ref. CPWEB2264431

  2. @CityPowerJhb @cyril_shaw Does "the city" have any update on this? Any tech on site yet and what is the ETR?

  3. @vumatel No connection in Weltevredenpark. Do you have an ETA on this yet?

  4. @TelkomZA moving to fibre soon. Want to cancel ADSL service, but keep voice. How do I do this?

  5. @CityPowerJhb Power restored - thanks!

  6. RT @dgibbons0513: This is me and the rest of Team Ketchup trying to find members of Team Mayonnaise to beat. #Splatfest https://t.co/tHH8wo…

  7. @CityPowerJhb I see you "escalated" my report to a planned outage. Interesting technique you got going there.

  8. Baie cool random episode van die #WATpodcast https://t.co/43b7jqJ1XO

  9. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom @Vodacom111 Thank you for pushing the April security patch to the LG V20 - please keep it up every month!

  10. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom At least let us get the monthly security updates. My V20 is still on the December 2016 security update...

  11. @HoekomSoPodcast Ons mis julle!

  12. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom When are we getting another monthly security update? The last one was in December last year. https://t.co/P6fvgguBbx

  13. RT @Abramjee: Family of 4 slaughtered in Balfour Mpumalanga: Only one newspaper has it on the front page! Where's the national outcry? #Cri…

  14. RT @65eb83f1485f404: @CityPowerJhb Operators https://t.co/L4RSuvc9RL

  15. My @LGMobileSA V20 broke. Returned to @Vodacom for repairs. Followed up w them 2day. Will exchange, but on back order. How no stock?

  16. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom I sure am :) This is how to build trust and loyalty.

  17. And then we will not even be able to update to WebOS 2.0 that will ship with the 2015 models (http://www.zdnet.com/article/lg-snubs-2014-tv-owners-on-webos-upgrade/). We would probably have to live with "bad" software on our TVs for the next 10 years. Apps will eventually stop working on our old version of the OS too. Should rather have waited for later this year and bought a TV running Android TV.
  18. Forgot to post the link: http://www.zdnet.com/article/lg-snubs-2014-tv-owners-on-webos-upgrade/
  19. Owners of LG 2014 webOS TV models will not be able to upgrade to webOS 2.0, which will be made available as part of the company's 2015 TV line up. This makes me feel cheated, sad, angry...
  20. LG snubs 2014 TV owners on webOS upgrade http://t.co/sPlUmeCnSV - Not cool @LG_webOS! Why? #LG #WebOS #fail #iwantmymoneyback

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