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  1. My LG TV picture was turning very dark and no amount of adjustment was helping, eventually finished watching in vivid mode, but this was difficult and very washed-out looking, I contacted LG who rightly told me that it was a a couple of months out of the 1 year warranty, and promptly gave me the 2 fingers, anyway I contacted John Lewis, (the retailer) whom I had forgotten about them giving a 2 year warranty (brilliant) anyway an engineer came out, took one look at the picture and said something about the "blue LED's" and the panel needs replacing (no idea what he was talking about), so it's off for repair, I'm a little disappointed as my research was that lg was one of the best, has anyone else had a similar problem ?
  2. Make sure that no one has connected a phone or such like via Bluetooth.....
  3. I find that if I go up one channel (let it settle) then go back down, its fixed.... (p. s. I also use the LG Soundbar, which may have an effect )
  4. Happens to me occasionally although I blame my LG soundbar, but I have been able to sync' several times by changing the channel up and down about 5/6 times (maybe less..... (just my tuppence worth)

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