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  1. Hi Team,

    May we ask for the Development/Engineering  team email address  handling WebOS (OTT) for corporate.





  2. OSN Play app cannot find on LG Content Store. LG 55UJ670V.  TV has is connected to a working internet connection, Other app is fine and can be installed. Restriction related concern has been verified (IP and Broadcast country). Is there another way to install the app in case it cannot be found on LG Content Store?

  3. Please help as I cannot find an specific app on LG Content Store. I have 2 LG WebOS TV, 1 unit of 2016 Model and the older is 2017 Model. Both TV have the same configuration like (broadcast country UAE,), connected on the same wifi network. I was able to find the app on the 2016 Model but not on the 2017 Model. Is there any other way to install the app aside from the LG Content Store?
  4. May we ask for LG Development Teams contact email for OTT(Media Streaming)? Thanks
  5. Please try this 1. Make sure your TV is NOT connected to any internet source that has VPN activated. I believe this application works in MENA Region only so the public IP address you should get is for MENA region . To get your public IPV4 address, you can visit the browser of your smart tv and visit www.whatsmyip.org 2.Set your TV localization /location settings to the country you are in (should be MENA Region) 3. Try to search for OSN Play again from the store
  6. I am trying to learn app testing, since having all the device model is not practical, maybe with the use of emulator will help. Appreciate if you could help me point where to take emulator for LG Smart TV's (WebOS) manufactured this year 2019. Thanks in Advance
  7. Need assistance please, we have a (LG) Webos TV UH603V SW 5.30.10 , for some reason, an application is trying to close by itself. Whenever the application is running fine for sometime lets say 30 mins, it will popup a message with a confirmation do you want to exit , press cancel or OK to exit, eventhough we are not initiating to cancel or close the application. We already turned-off settings like screensaver, appreciate if you can help us not to be prmpted to close an applicaiton by itself without initiating to close the application. regards, jorge

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