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  1. Hi @b4lazs Was it an OS or app update that caused the issue?
  2. Have you tried running Windows's System File Checker on the drive? Alternatively find someone with a Linux system and see if that can read the drive as the OS tends to be a little more forgiving on reading problem hard drives.
  3. You can only upgrade if LG have released an upgrade for your specific model of TV.
  4. Unfortunately you will not be able to install Chrome on your TV as it does not run Android.
  5. Please provide some details of the TV, model number, software & firmware version to give the forum members something more to go on.
  6. Please note this is user-to-user forum so you will get no help from LG. As for the User Agreement issue it has been covered many times on the forum, please do a search for some answers.
  7. Hi CAAN, Your TV model may not be supported by the app, to confirm this you would need to contact Hotstar's customer services.
  8. Hi Azogui, The simple answer is that if LG has made the upgrade available then yes, if not no.
  9. Hi Rajit, You would need to contact Hotstar's customer support and ask them if they intend to support your TV model.
  10. This is a user-to-user forum with no representation from LG so do not expect any answers from them. If a particular app does not work then it is best to contact to producer of the app, which is normally not LG but the specific content provider.
  11. Hi, You would need to contact Hotstar's customer support and ask if they have or plan to include support for your model of TV in their app.
  12. I am sure if you look round the internet there are many places to download .apk files. Although it will not do you much good on your LG TV as it does not run Android.
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