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  1. George Hofmeister

    (LG) webOS TV LK540BPUA

    Hi Maryann, When the store you purchased the TV from tells you it is like a ROKU I am sure they only mean that it can provide streaming services in much the same way, the actual setup and day-to-day usage are going to be completely different. How far have you got with setting up the TV, can you even watch programmes via your aerial/dish yet?
  2. George Hofmeister

    Annoying pop-up messages on my lg 49sj800v smart tv

    Excellent so users can definitely blame LG for the issues then, anyone else out there got information about their failed units?
  3. George Hofmeister

    Annoying pop-up messages on my lg 49sj800v smart tv

    This is a user-to-user forum, not a LG platform. As for the WiFi card issue, well the possibility is a bad batch of a product probably not made by LG. It would be good to know the details of the modules that people have had to replace so that we can get some idea of what is going on.
  4. George Hofmeister


    Your model is listed as NOT having Bluetooth so you would be limited to anything that uses the composite ports.
  5. George Hofmeister

    Web browser

    I counter with Opera browser.
  6. George Hofmeister

    Update browser

    If there is an update to the webOS browser then it will applied via the Over-The-Air update service. If you have been to a website that has told you to update you browser, the site in question is badly written and does not recognise the webOS browser, probably mistaking in for an out-of-date Google Chrome browser which uses similar underpinnings. If it is the latter then it is down to the website to sort the issue.
  7. George Hofmeister

    LG WebOs for Jio App &Hot star App

    Hi, Sadly at this point in time as the apps you wish for are not available from the content providers on LG's webOS platform then it is not the TV for you. Something running Android may be a better bet for you.
  8. George Hofmeister

    Hotstar and Sony Liv

    Hi Marky, If you took the time to look (see the forum's logo above) you would see that this forum is not run by the LG group, but is here run by owners and users of LG webOS products. To return your TV well I imagine wherever you purchased it from would be the best place to start. As for false advertising I cannot possibly know what you saw and what you interpreted from it, but if it was genuinely false then that would give you excellent grounds for returning your purchase.
  9. And, if you search the forum you will many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, threads on the other two content providers.
  10. George Hofmeister

    Update problem

    Full model number and currently installed firmware please.
  11. George Hofmeister

    Hotstar App For India

    Hi Azam, Yes Hotstar are developing an app, but at the moment it is many months behind schedule probably because they needed to update the backend of their infrastructure to update/remove outdated and esoteric software, i.e. Adobe Flash. Forum user have in the meantime reported that they are now able to view the Hotstar website via the webOS browser without issue, which is something they were unable to do previously.
  12. George Hofmeister

    Hotstar and Sony Liv

    Hotstar are working on an app but they are almost a year behind schedule, however you can use the web browser to watch without issue since they tailored the site to work with webOS. There is no SonyLiv because they have not produced one yet, so go over to their website and use the contact form to ask how long it is going to be before an app appears. So, as you know that you could have purchased a bigger full HD cheaper than an LG why did you bother buying it in the first place?
  13. George Hofmeister

    -ZE what is it?

    Hi Lauris, Indeed, it could mean that the TV has a black bezel and dual legs as opposed to a silver bezel and a stand.
  14. George Hofmeister

    YouTube TV

    Maybe it is rolling out geographically, last time I checked it was not available in the UK. However, I will check today and report back.
  15. George Hofmeister

    -ZE what is it?

    Hi Lauris, Have a look at this chart: http://en.tab-tv.com/?page_id=7111