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I have had my LG OLED for a year now and love it. Until 2 weeks ago, we used Frontier FIOS and we fired them when they kept going up and up and up and not telling us.

We cut the cord nd went to Hulu which worked great except they do not carry PBS and my wife is an Antiques Roadshow fan. Today, I found PBS View app for the Samasung. I put it on my Samsung smart TV in the office and the firestick on our Samaung dumb tv in the bedroom. I then went to my LG in the family room and lo and behold the LG does not have PBS view. I searched PBS in the app area and there was no PBS view. Does anybody have some suggestions on how to get around this or how to urge LG to make an app.

My wife would be very happy and my life would become less complicated.


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The reason that an app for PBS has not yet been added to the content store is that they, PBS, have not yet either created one or it has not yet been approved for the store.

LG do not make apps for the platform as they do not have access to the information that would be needed to create an app for a client's infrastructure.  Companies such as Disney et al are not going to give a third party access to their proprietary information and servers.

If you would like an app produced you need to badger the content providers to do it.

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