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ARC won't turn off

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I have an impossible issue with arc on my LG G1 TV.  My TV is connected to a Denon AVR.  CEC is enabled, we want this to work, it needs to work, it used to work with my old TV perfectly.  The problem is sometimes arc enables itself for external sources on the AVR.  When this happens, the TV blinks repeatedly trying to turn Arc on.  Arc will never work of course, the audio is supplied elsewhere.  The problem is, there is no way to turn Arc off when this happens.  The TV blinks, arc turns on, I turn it off, the TV blinks and turns Arc on again.  I simply cannot use the TV at all, it's a neverending blink blink, arc, blink, arc, blink.... forever.  The remote is impossible to use when this happens, the blink is too fast and you can't turn arc off.  In fact the stupid arc should never have enabled itself anyway.

Something is VERY wrong with the arc implementation on this G1.  In fact, when using an App, the only time Arc should ever turn on, NEVER turns on unless we manually turn it on.  It's like the implementation is backward

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