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After 05.60.15 update on 55UH650V. Miniguide and audio mute problem.



After 05.60.15 update on 55UH650V. The miniguide pops up. But my biggest problem is that . I am using Sonos Playbase for TV Audio. After maybe ½ an hour or a couple of hours audio suddenly gets muted. To solve this i need  powercycle the TV. LG please fix this  asap.

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After updating my 49UH650V to 05.60.15 I get distorted audio. But it is random. I can watch a channel for some minutes and then suddenly the audio will distort (sounding like bit crushing).

I have tried a factory reset, but the issue remains.

I have also tried to unplug and plug the HDMI cable and it will fix it for a short time but the issue will reappear.

I would like the option to downgrade to the previous version until this is fixed.


Good news, I just got the latest 05.60.25 and I have not experienced the audio issue yet. Thanks!!!


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After the last two software updates to my 55UH950V, I start getting a random handshake issue with my MSI GTX 1080 Ti.  The image would start blacking out and then coming bak on and then going black again, at times with horizontal interference line being shown as the artifact.  When this stats happening, the TV would end up showing "No Signal" dialogue after a number of blackouts.  I have tried a couple of different HDMI cables after this started to happen, but that doesn't seem to be the root cause of the issue.  This happens when running at UHD resolution at 50-60 Hz only.  At times I have to turn the TV on and of 2-5 times or unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in for the issue to go away.  This didn't happen when using older firmware versions, 3rd one back from the current one and older.  A less severe issue is the fact that the welcome screen, with the smart TV apps and so on, would not go away on its own and I have to press the "Back" button for it to get hidden.  Looking forward to a fix in the next firmware updates!

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