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How change Firmware of UJ752V & UH651v from UAE to INDIA



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@Sudesh You cannot change the FIRMWARE on the TV to get the different country, it is actually changed by a setting, or by using a "service remote" (can be purchased from Amazon).

Have a read of this article, and if your TV is an "Asian" variant/build, then you MIGHT be able to select "India" this way, if not, you may have to obtain a service remote, and use the India country/area code that is 4816.

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I have the same issue. My LG 65" Curved UHD 3D TV i bought from UAE... I am not able to see the India specific apps in the LG Store. I tried to update the firmware but there is no firmware update either. How do I change the Country remains an issue for me too. 

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I also moved from UAE to India and had same issue. To fix it, read on:

I just did the same for my 2x 65" UHD Smart LG TV. The trick is to use the Service Remote Control for LG TV. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 500. 

From the Service Remote, Look for ADJ Button which is above the 4-way navigation buttons and left of "X Studio" button.  At the password prompt enter 0413 as password. Now inside the ADJ Menu, you will see "Area Option" Select this and Enter "4816" as Area code for India. Press OK, Restart the TV and go to Settings. 

Settings-> General- > Location -> Service Country and you will see India in there. Select India and follow the prompts. Once the TV restarts, check for update and you should get the latest firmware which in my case is 05.30.xx 

You will see add LG Content Store with lot more apps there like "netflix, Prime, Zee5, Wion, Hungama, etc." I am still trying to get Disney Hotstar and SonyLiv... will update once I get it.

reply back or write to me at [email protected] for details. 


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