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Gee Kern _Detroit, Michigan

Gee Kern


I got a LG webOS smart tv 43UN6950ZUA & I can't download the user of Agreements so I can watch movies on Netflix.. It's not loading saying a server error occurred .Someone help me out with my problem please 😔.. It's been too weeks now🤦🏽

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13 hours ago, td47 said:

@Gee Kern If you have a laptop or iPad, try setting up your Netflix account on that first, as once you have an active "profile", the TV should be OK with it.

Do all your other APPS that need Internet (Network) connectivity work OK?

My sister use her Netflix account what about Amazon Prime video account it not letting me download the user of Agreements to use the apps

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@Gee Kern So you are sharing an Amazon Prime video account with your sister, ans she has set up a profile for you to use? The account at the Amazon server end needs to be fully set up, so you need to log in on a laptop or ipad or phone browser, and agree to the agreements. Once it is happy, you can use the account on your TV.

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Yep I'm sharing Amazon Prime Video account app on my phone it's my account.. Nope it's not my sister account it's minds.. I don't have a Laptop or Ipad .. Can I buy a Ipad at Metro pcs if they got em .... You think Metro pcs have em Ipad .. Imma try it when I get a Ipad

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@Gee Kern
 Apologies, I thought that the issue was user agreements for individual apps, but I think these are for the TV itself.  If you are getting server error messages, it might be a network DNS issue. Go to settings, networking, then advanced. In the DNS section, don't use auto, manually put in the public Google one, that is and then save your settings.

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