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Missing Broadcast Service Provider



First, I have search other forums and documentation.  Haven’t found a solution.

I am not asking about an AT&T TV app.  I know there is not one at this time. I’m talking about the service provider that is specified in webOS.  This is what is used by Lists and Guide to show current broadcast television.   The closest service provider listed is AT&T U-verse, which is not AT&T TV.  Btw AT&T TV Now is also not on the list but also is not AT&T TV either.  Without the correct service provider I get wildly incorrect broadcast information.  Is there a work around or any plans to add AT&T TV to the broadcaster list.  Again, I am not talking about an app.  I am talking about the broadcaster list.

Thank you.

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@Absenm I assume you are asking about OTA (Over-the-Air) regular Live TV from your antenna, and NOT a cable TV provision? If so, this will vary from country to country, and then area within that country, for large countries like USA, Australia etc. It would be useful to know what LG model you are asking about, what country and area you are using it in, and if the TV was ever initally used in another area or country, as these are set for the country initially used in, as delivered to the dealer.

No-one other than LG software developers can "see" inside the firmware, to glean the internal infomation about CDN servers used for On Demand stuff, or what "lists" are there for triggers to country codes usage and providers.

If you can give examples of the incorrect Broadcast Providers Information you are seeing, others on here MAY have experience of this, and be able to offer more help.

Otherwise, try raising your concerns with LG directly, in your country, giving them as much detail as possible to work with.

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Well, the tv is LG 50UN7300PUF and only in the USA, never used elsewhere.  

AT&T TV is AT&T’s replacement for AT&T U-verse.  It is not over the air.  It is just like cable, but streaming in real time over the internet. It comes with a set top box, or you can use a mobile device,  Real-time like charter, and direct, and dish.  All the channels like A&E and weather channel and TBS and local CBS shown in real-time just like cable.  It’s only been active for a year and a half, but AT&T is pushing all its TV broadcasting services that direction.  AT&T is putting all its TV broadcasting services in the AT&T TV basket.  They are no longer even accepting new subscribers to U-verse and I think also the NOW services.  The EPG providers already have the data for AT&T TV.

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So, you are running the AT&T service via an external box, fed via your home internet, then to the TV via an HDMI cable from that box, yes? If that is correct, then what has it got to do with the LG TV or the WebOS?  It does rather sound like you need to reach out to AT&T with the issue.

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The LG and WebOS when providing a listing of broadcast service providers does not list AT&T TV as an option.  Samsung smart TVs don’t have a problem recognizing AT&T TV as a service provider.  It think WebOS simply is overlooking a relatively new service. I think AT&T TV is being viewed as an on demand service like HBO Max or Discovery+ Instead of a live Tv service. But I do have a direct message to LG about the issue.  I’ll let you know if I find out anything.  

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@Absenm OK, it is clearer to me now: AT&T U-verse was with the box, but has now stopped, and been replaced with the AT&T TV as an on-demand APP,  but you have not yet got the APP on the LG TV, correct?

You might get more mileage out of contacting AT&T to ask when the TV app will be rolled out to LG TV's and when. I suspect it will be to the newer flagship ones first, but they should be in a position to tell you.

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