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LG OLED C9 ad a wireless display


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48 minutes ago, td47 said:

@Janusz Łaski Ensure that your Windows 10 device is at least at OS version 20H1, or better still 20H2. They have improved the casting/projecting software, to make it more reliable.

Thanks for reply. Actually, I'm on 20H2. I am convinced, it is LG WebOS (version 05.00.01) related as I have this issue on few laptops including one with the newest insider win10 version (21XX).

Is it work for you as it should? What is your firmware version?

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@Janusz Łaski I have an older LG, and also a Foxtel box (soon to get a Fetch box to replace it), so have rarely needed to connect my Laptop. Have done the clunky connecting by HDMI cable before, as my laptop has an HDMI port (for missed episodes not on any catchup services).

I think the latest C9 firmware is now 05.00.03 (they might not document all fixes in the Release Notes) :

1. Launcher visibility improvement
2. Launcher exposure when TV is turned on

See here, or search LG site with your actual model number:

link hidden, please login to view

Download that to USB stick and install it manually. If that does not fix your issue, you might have to get a "Miracast dongle"! for your TV, if you have a spare HDMI port to use. They are from $11, $40 at Jaycar, $80 for the official Microsoft one.

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@td47 Thank you for hints. I am on newest firmware issued for OLED65C9PLA i.e. 05.00.10 (sorry for typo in OP). I know that there is plenty of options to cast video from my PC.  Here, I am trying to figure out whether my TV's behavior is common or rather I have something messed with my BeOS settings or something.

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@Janusz Łaski Ensure that your laptop WiFi is on the same frequency band as the TV (i.e. if the TV is using the 2.4GHz band SSID, connect the laptop to the same SSID, likewise with the 5.0GHz band SSID). Some routers combine the 2 bands under ONE SSID, that makes it difficult.  If you can log into our router, and split the 2 into 2 seperate SSID names, that might help if that is the case.

Also, I heard that having the TV on a LAN cable, and other devices (e.g. Laptop) on WiFi, gives some routers an issue, in that they do not always pass all the required brodacast or negotiation (initialization) packets between WiFi and LAN. This definately affects Apple AirPlay, and maybe AirPlay2 as well, dpenending on your router model, and its security settings, and may well affect casting, screen mirroring, and certain player types and complex sharing apps.

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