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Latest update for Disney+ app for webOS

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Hi all, some good news! I recently contacted Disney support enquiring about the availability of Disney+ app for LG TV's. Here's their response....


Thank you for contacting Disney+ Customer Support! We appreciate your question.

As of this moment we are still working to make our services available on as many platforms as possible. 

Below I have provided a list of a few devices we are currently compatible with: Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV, and fully integrated with the Apple TV app; customers can subscribe to Disney+ via in-app purchase) Google (Android phones, Android TV devices (LG Smart TV), Google Chrome-cast, and Chrome-cast built-in devices) Microsoft (Xbox One) Sony/Sony Interactive Entertainment (all Android-based Sony TVs and PlayStation®4) Roku (Roku® streaming players and Roku TV™ models) Also here are a few sites that will be updated with more information as it becomes available. I hope this was of some help.

As far as an update that is something that you will have to do with your television. We will have the application available and ready on November 19th for download on all supported devices. Please sign up for updates at disneyplus.com.

If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead. — Gusteau


Disney+ Customer Support


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DisneyPlus contacted me through Twitter and stated it will launch on LG WebOS software versions 3+ everywhere 11/12.

More good news today...yipeee!!   link hidden, please login to view

Since yesterday the app supports Dolby Vision, I noticed, so now we do indeed have 4K quality directly on the LG TV

The Disney+ app is already working in the Netherlands, where the service is already running for a while. At the moment the app doesn’t support 4K yet, but I asked Disney recently and they replied that there will be an update on November 12th after which the formats such as Dolby Vision will also be supported. So, no worries, I’m sure everything will work as well in other countries upon launch :)

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