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Sennheiser 4.50



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    • By Peter94
      I use BT Headphone with LG OLED C1 TV Webos 6.  It would be nice if I could also see its battery level next to volume level on the screen  
    • By Dave S
      I have an LG OLED and I want to change the volume of my Bluetooth headphones independently of the speaker volume.  I am hard of hearing and I want to listen to the TV a bit louder than the speaker.  Presently the Tv Volume controls both.   Thanks 
    • By Stephen Davies
      Recently, I've been unable to view Channel 4 / All 4 to play via the web OS. I try to access their website via google search (as the apps. don't appear to work), eventually get there and then loading starts for several minutes before it gives up and automatically switches from the browser to antennae TV! Not had this problem of access on a few occasions in the past, but can't anymore.
    • By David Prado
      I output the sound from my LG 75UJ657A to external speakers through a bluetooth connection, but it doesn't automatically connect to the bluetooth device when I turn the TV on. Whenever I cycle the TV off and, then, back on, the TV asks if I want to connect to the bluetooth device, and I have to select "yes" with the remote. My smart phone automatically connects to all the bluetooth devices I've set it up with. When I start my car, my phone connects automatically to the car stereo/phone system, and it does the same with other bluetooth speakers I have. This is what I want my TV to do.
      How do I get my LG 75UJ657A to automatically connect to the bluetooth device I've set up with it?
    • By Hale
      We had a 40A power breaker overload, and shutdown. After that our 55UB8500 started without Bluetooth and WIFI.
      First time I revived the WIFI/BT (and magic remote) with the TV hard reset, and waiting for a few hours unconnected. It worked almost 2 days, and WIFI died finally.
      I tried ordering second-hand WIFI modules from ALiExpress junk stores two times, but every time there is NG/NG in In-Start against WIFI and BT.
      Of course, I tried resetting it in various combinations.
      The most confusing thing is that  USB works fine, IR works fine, RJ45 works fine! So there should be all the voltages. There are no errors in power log, every time it is a power-button action, or a timeout at the input when PC and Nintendo are shut down.
      So I have a suspicion that something is bad in the software/deep configuration? How do you think? Is there a way to restore,  or a simple way to debug without the service jig?
      My original unit is configured for Japan with WIFI made in Philipines (if I remember correctly, I need to dig it out from the junk storage box). The junk modules I ordered are Chinese. Made in Philipines and China, I do not know, do they have a regional lock or free to swap.

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