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Is there a way to stop my LG 55" C7 4K Ultra HD OLED from dimming the screen when displaying Web content from my pc? I'm using it as a monitor and just want it to stay at a constant brightness the same as a normal monitor. 

Currently it dims if left on the same image for a few minutes. Also dims when scrolling down a YouTube page and brightens when you scroll to the top.  I've disabled smart dimming but it still does it. 

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    • By ironmonkey
      Updated 11 Dec 2022
      Ok so against my better judgement we contacted LG Malaysia and spoke to their customer support to ask them about the issue with the screen dimming.
      Without needing to give any real information, other than saying that the screen was a lot darker and i could not change any settings to fix this, the support girl said that this is 100% an issue with the LCD lights inside the TV.
      So we asked if this can be fixed and she said yes it can be fixed. She then sent an LG technician to my home to fix the TV. However when he turned up he took the TV away and placed it in an old cardboard box that was falling to pieces. Then he said that he would need to keep the TV for 2 - 3 days while he ordered the parts that he needed. I was a little surprised because i would have thought that he would already have the parts in stock, given that he knew what the issues was and had two or three weeks notice from our first conversation to order the parts.
      Anyway the 2 - 3 days turned into 2 - 3 weeks. After taking the TV away, he could not get the parts because they were "out of stock" then after he replaced the LCD lights he told me that there "was a strange line" on the edge of the screen. This line was not there before he took the TV away and i turned the TV on while he was here in my home to show him the dimming scree issue and it was definitely not present then and it has never been present before he took my TV apart to "fix it".
      So he brings the TV back and there is now a very noticeable bright space around the edge of the screen that was not there before this idiot took the TV apart and now he is acting like its no big deal, just standing there in my front room like i should be grateful that he has "fixed the dimming issue with my TV" even though, no matter what i do with the TV settings, the colors and contrast are horrible and i just cant get the picture to look right and i now have this horrible bright pixilation/tearing around the whole of the inside of the screen and its getting worse all the time. .
      This "fix" cost me over $120US and the TV is more broken than it was before i called LG support and i am shocked that this guy, who is supposed to be an LG approved technician could mess this up so badly. 

    • By ironmonkey
      I have posted here before about how disappointed i am with the LG TV that i paid a lot of money for. About how the TV did not really do most of the things that i was led to believe that it could do before i purchased the TV. I ended up then paying extra for a TV box to actually get the TV to do what i was led to believe that the TV could do and how i effectively paid for a very expensive monitor.
      Now 4 years after buying this TV and not actually using it much, maybe 3 - 4 hours each day, i turn on the TV and low and behold, there is another issue. This time the screen is very dim with the very low brightness, like the brightness setting is turned down to around 30 - 40%. After trying to change all the settings, including energy saving, turning off the TV and disconnecting it from the wall, waiting 15 minutes and turning it back on (yes that was advised) and resetting the TV back to the default factory settings, the screen is still very dark.
      After searching around the internet, it looks like there is an issue with either the power supply to the TV (LED) or an issue with the backlights inside the TV not lighting up. So it looks like its now going to cost me at least another $100 plus to fix this already expensive TV after only a few years of very minor use.
      I was hoping that there might be someone here that might have some information that i might have missed and that might help with this problem, i have pretty much tried most things but with no fix (changing the picture settings slightly change the brightness, but its totally washed out, or the colors are just nasty).
      Anyway thank you in advance.  
    • By leimberger
      While watching YouTube on my WebOS TV, I very frequently pause the picture and I do not like the picture dimming the second i hit pause.  It makes an extremely unpleasant experience when the remote requires 6 actions to go from 'pause' to 'play'.  
      Step 1) push 'pause'  (screen goes dim)
      Step 2) 'up arrow' (to get rid of dimming)
      Step 3) 'up arrow' a second time (to finish getting rid of dimming)
      Step 4) push  'play' (screen goes dim)
      Steps 5 +6) repeat steps 2+3  (screen is now bright and playing)  
      6 steps?   2 steps is the ONLY logical number.   1) pause and  2) play (actually just pause for both pausing and play but we'll leave that for now)  6 steps makes  for a VERY unpleasant viewing experience.  
      Yes I am aware the screen will return after about 3 seconds.  (unpleasant/frustrating)  
      Yes I am aware that I can use the 180 degree arrow key to reduce the number of steps to only 4.  There are 2 problems with this method.  1) Its still 2 steps too many.  2)  If i wait a split second too long, the screen will return to bright screen at the same moment I push the button and now that 180 degree arrow button is programmed to return you to the main menu.  This makes it even more aggravating because I now have to go into the history menu to restart the video.    
      Can someone please tell me how to eliminate the auto dimming?  If its not possible, can the webOS programmers just reprogram the system to stop doing this.  Yes, its a first world problem, but when you hit 'pause' as much as i do,  honestly want to return the TV.  I can't take how poorly it was designed.  It makes no sense.  thank you for your help.  
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