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    • Question: Casting from iphone BT sports app to LG UF640V

      I'm getting very frustrated. I can happily cast content from my Iphone 6 to my TV using websites etc. However, I can't from in an app (BT Sports for example). I've got Chromeast set up on a non smart TV and all works perfectly on that. Do I need a 2nd Chromecast? I was hoping a "smart TV" wouldn't need it? Help greatly appreciated Stephen French

      By Stephen French, in LG webOS Smart TV Questions

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    • Question: Photos and Videos app works unintuitively?

      I loaded the Photos & Videos app and was pleased to see a Filter that allowed it to show both Photos AND Videos.  So I applied that Filter (which was probably the default anyway).  I see thumbnails of Photos AND Videos.  So then I clicked on the first thumbnail, which happened to be a video.  When that video finished playing, it went to the next video and so on through all the videos.  I expected it to go to the next Photo OR Video.  In other words I expected it to step through and play the thumbnails as they were displayed by the filter. I don't suppose the LG webOS programmers visit this forum, but if they do, can this feature be changed?  If I just wanted to watch videos, I would have changed the filter to just videos.  Instead it looks like it launches the video player and then goes to the next video.

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    • live streaming and .m3u8 video is working in firefox but video not showing in LG Webos emulator 3.0

      i am using hlc to play streaming video and .m3u8 video  in webos emulator 3.0 and in firefox. In firefox video is showing and working fine but in webos it is not showing anything. only getting current time and duration. what change does i need for webos emulator 3.0.     factory('playVideoFactory', function (SessionData) { var i = 0; return { playVideoFunc: function (type, path, callBack, clearIntervalCallBackFunc) { if (Hls.isSupported()) { console.log("hls is supported"); var video = document.getElementById(type); var hls = new Hls(); hls.loadSource(path); hls.attachMedia(video); console.log("hls"); hls.on(Hls.Events.MANIFEST_PARSED, function () { video.play(); }); var videoDurationInfo = setInterval(function () { callBack(video.duration, video.currentTime); }, 1000); clearIntervalCallBackFunc(videoDurationInfo) } else { console.log("hls is not supported"); } } } })

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    • Question: 4K photos

      How can I add 4K pics to the media file so I can play a loop of 4K pictures? 

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    • Question: Showing folder JPGs ?

      Hi, I just got a Synology 918+ NAS. I'm trying various options to show all my movies on TV shows on it. Basically, I'd like to have the old-style Windows Media Server  interface, e.g.. I have all my films sorted carefully in different folders and would like to navigate using these folders. Simp0lified example:
      Movies folder
        Folder.jpg (indicating movies)
        Comedy folder
          Folder.jpg (indicating Comedy)
          Comedy Movie 1.avi 
          Comedy Movie 1.jpg  
          Comedy Movie 2.avi 
          Comedy Movie 2.jpg     Action folder
          Folder.jpg (indicating action)
          Action Movie 1.avi 
          Action Movie 1.jpg  
          Action Movie 2.avi 
          Action Movie 2.jpg   I have the latest WebOS installed. When I try to use the built-in video-photos DLNA player it doesn't show the folder.jpg for each folder, the folders just have a generic icon. Then the film icons (e.g. "action movie 1.jpg") are truncated at the top & bottom,with  pretty poor quality. But at least I can navigate by folder. My next try  was to use Plex. It shows each films icon beautifully and some info from the internet (nice to have, but I don't really need). But it doesn't show the folder icons, in fact it doesn't show folders at all, everything seems to be lumped into one big pile. I tried various profiles in the Synology DSM Media Server for the TVs. Can anyone recommend some media server that behaves like to old Windows Media Server? Seems Kodi isn't running on WebOS.      

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