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[pivotCE]News Crumbs – 18th November 2016


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Uh, the toaster needs another clean. Let’s shake it before those crumbs are too stale or burnt!

  • webOS developer, Choorp either loves twitter or is frightened of it (actually, both is probably normal). He made
    link hidden, please login to view
    based on the logo of premier webOS twitter app, Project Macaw. We salute developer, Penduin for developing that only gets used once a year.
  • that TV’s running LGwebOS 3.0 now have online payment support for shopping & in-app payments. Set those parental controls!
  • is the latest Tech blog looking wistfully back. Are we the only one looking to the future of mobile webOS?
  • You want webOS merchandise?
  • Former Palm employee, Lisa Brewster demonstrates if you find yourself in the wild .

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s time for . See you next time!

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