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LG content store issues, apps cannot be updated





I recently bought a new LG Smart TV: 65UF6450


At first, all the "smart" functions worked just fine. I was able to use my Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Video and install new apps from the LG Content Store.


Starting on the 1st of January 2016 I noticed that I cannot even start the LG Content Store page anymore for some reason. As a result I cannot install any new apps, I cannot update the existing ones (and some of them, like Google Video would not even start before they are updated). Each time I try to open the LG Content Store or to update an app, the TV hangs for a while, and then I see a black screen displaying the following message:


link hidden, please login to view
file not found.




I also noticed that if I go into Quick Settings/Advanced/General/Account Management(Sign In) it takes a while and then I see the following message:


The network is unstable


But my network is just fine and Netflix, Amazon Video are working just fine.


So, it looks very much as an issue on LG side. I think it may be related to the LG Cloud services being discontinued, but I'm not sure. I tried to call the LG support, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Waiting 20 minutes for any kind of help and then giving up.




1. Does anyone experience the same issues with their LG smart tvs recently?

2. What is the reason for these issues?

3. Is there any official statement from LG conforming this issues and providing some information about when they are going to fix it?

4. Are there any temporary workarounds? I.e. are there any ways to install new apps and update the existing ones in the meantime?




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I bought 65ef9500 LG tv in September 2015 and set up TV apps fine at the time. I was only using Netflix and Amazon apps. Apps worked fine until a few days ago. Recently my wife opened a hulu account so on 12/30/2015 I tried to use hulu app on the LG tv. I tried to open hulu app on LG tv and the tv told me that the hulu app needs to be updated. I clicked update, got a screen with the following message: 


link hidden, please login to view
file not found ."


I tried to figure out what's wrong, web browser was working fine but update did not work and I noticed that I could not connect to lg content store. Later the error message changed to "Network error(2)" and once I saw "network error(1)."


I called LG and spent an hour and a half on the phone troubleshooting: changing counties and changing network settings, DNS server and stuff like that. Nothing helped, same error. Then the representative told me to "reset to initial settings." This did not help either but now even Netflix and Amazon apps stopped working.


So here is a tip based on my experience:

If you call LG about lg content store "network error (2)" and LG rep tells you to reset to initial settings, do realize that after you reset, even the apps that work will stop working. (Meaning: tell them no unless none of your apps are working already).


Now that I googled this topic, I see that even in 2014 LG tv owners had same issues with LG content store and same error "network error (2)." For some users these errors stay all the time and for some they seem to come and go on their own over time. This means that LG did not do much about this problem for over a year. Eventually LG representative told me that we tried everything we could over the phone and something is wrong with my TV (not LG content store) and a local third party company will contact me to set up an appointment and make repairs.


A local repair company ("Precision" -something) called and said they are really booked and the earliest they can come is January 13th and they will probably replace the main board and wifi module or something like that. So now (since 12/30/2015) I am waiting for January 13th. Not sure what to tell you. It is 2016 out there, I cannot believe that LG (or any company of that size) would be so careless with their quality control. I want things to just work. I do not want to spend time on the phone or make appointments for fixing my TV. This was my only LG purchase in many years. I will try not to buy anything made by LG in the future until their quality clearly improves.


Currently, as a workaround, I use other devices to stream content for the TV over hdmi cables. So the TV is now just a display for HDMI inputs - all "smart" apps are in paralyses.


I will post an update after Jan 13th, 2016 about how repairs helped (or not) my tv connect to the lg content store. 

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I wonder

- everyone who has this problem is using Comcast internet connection.

- everyone who suffered from this problem doesn't have the problem from today morning.


Indeed. I am also using Comcast. And the problem disappeared this morning. 


So, it could be something related to Comcast... May be they have some kind of DNS caching which used stale IP addresses of LG servers?

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LG is aware that some users experienced difficulty accessing the LG Content Store between 12/30/2015 and 1/4/2016. After researching this, it was noticed that this issue appeared to be occurring on units utilizing Comcast as the ISP.  All access issues have been resolved at this time. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the Smart World/LG Content Store, we are here to help.


For additional assistance, please contact us at 1-800-243-0000. We’ll be happy to help you with resolving this issue. 

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I too am facing this issue. I bought LG 43LF6300 LED TV.

It worked fine for a month. Then i faced below issues.


1.) LG content store app are not getting updated. I called the customer care, they sent technicians two times. The tried but could not do anything. Finally they just gave a frivolous answer that i need to check my internet security. I said, this used to work fine for a month, that time i didnt change any security setting of my internet. Also i tried by keeping my WIFI without password, still it doesnt work


2.) The operating system started crashing. While watching a video in the browser window, suddenly its stops working and gives an error message - "this app needs to restart to free some memory". This error keeps on coming. Now i cant see any video using the internal browser.

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After installing and using Hulu for a week it asked for an update, after the update it worked fine.  Once I turned off the tv and On all the apps don't work.

I unplugged the tv for one minute and that seemed to do the trick and everything works.

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