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just got a 49UF6430 so I have a couple of dumb questions



I really love the tv and webos is great so far but I have just a few questions about getting everything set up.  First of all I have a HD comcast set top box which I use to get the HD channels and on Demand content from comcast.  The setup for the TV instructs that I connect the coax from the wall directly to the TV, doin this I dont get any channels except for the generic call comcast to get your startup kit commercial.  Everything works fine using the HDMI from the cable box to the tv, except I have to change to the HDMI input to watch regular cable tv and I dont get access to the my channels or guide on the webos.  Is there any work around for this or am I just going to have to deal with switching to the HDMI input to watch live tv and comcast on demand?  Also, is there any way to connect a bluetooth keyboard (through the USB port)? and I have a samsung soundbar, this may be a long shot but it would be nice if it can be set up with the lg remote, otherwise I guess I am going to be buying a harmony.  Thanks for the help!

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You would only use the coax in the TV if you're getting over the air on an antenna.  Since you're using Comcast cable, HDMI will be your choice for watching TV.  My TV comes with the Magic Remote and it works with cable box.  Or, you can program the cable box remote to work with your TV.  Ultimately, Harmony remote is the best.  I don't use keyboard but I'm pretty sure it can't connect to your TV's bluetooth.  The TV bluetooth would ONLY work with LG headphones.  If your keyboard have an USB dongle then that may work.

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Toiday, I don't think you understood what gfunkj was asking (I say that only because I'm here looking for an answer to the same question).


I bought an LG TV for my mom a few weeks back. Setting it up was extremely easy, and at one point point in the set up it asked to specify how we got TV (a cable company set top box), but it also let us specify which provider it actually was. The guide was then integrated with the webOS experience and only one remote (the LG one) was required...incredibly slick!


So now I've bought a 2016 LG TV but when I go through the same process (so HDMI from my cable company's set top box), I *don't* get the option to specify how I *get* TV. It only shows Antenna and its greyed out so I can't change anything.


This *could* be a change in webOS from the 2015 model I got my mom to this one, but that seems odd.


So my question, which I think is the same as gfunkj's, is - How do I get my LG TV to recognize my cable company's set top box so I can synch its guide to the tv's Guide app?



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Update - verified that while it did identify my mom's set top box and provider, it *didn't* sync the guide application with the provider's guide. So it could be that unless there's a cable/antenna feed, it just...can't sync? Although since my box is a PVR, I don't know that I'd be able to set recordings though the TV anyway.


Also, I confirmed that my version of WebOS is a different version from my mom's model...so maybe it is a different setup process.

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