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Anyone from LG here?

Guest ygreko

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Why are you so surprised? This is not the official LG forum. And even if someone from LG is here,

certainly ashamed to speak, because webOS is not really a source of pride for him.  ;)

Totally agree with you. I've bought a 43LF632 for my mother and felt very disappointed in what's called Smart TV.

I can count how many apps are in LG Content Store. No Facebook, Skype, etc. Can't add new apps, games, etc.

Thanks god, my mother don't see any Smart Sony TV, 

If LG don't have any improvement, I believe they only can sale stupid TV, not smart anymore.

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This is a webos user to user support forum. This is not owned by LG. This site has been up before LG purchased webOS from HP. I also wonder if LG reads user/owner feedback as this site has become the top user to user forum and there is a ton of valuable contributions and feedback. I stand with you and hope LG pops in and reads some of the posts on here.

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