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LG Smart World account issues



I have an LG Smart World Irish account. Signed in but there are very little Apps (IPTV BBC iPlayer etc..) Apps available on the Irish store. I then created a 2nd UK based account thinking it will be a workaround to getting the Apps onto the TV that I need. When I try signing in with the UK account it will not let me giving me "Cannot use this emil for the selected country. Please create another account" I switched region to uk but same issue. Changed the DNS also but still same issue. Does anybody now what the issue with this would be ?




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I've been having similar issues, though I am being sneaky and trying via a dns service to make the tv and other electrical things think I'm in the USA rather than new Zealand, where the content market is pretty much zero. The lgtvapps.com page won't accept the login I set up on the lg page when registering the products I got last week, nor when I ask for a password reset will it send anything, on both cases it says my email doesn't exist. So I used a different email address to start again but still same issue. I have to say the user experience with lg is a huge turnoff, and this rubbish about restricting app content by region seems very stupid, I moved from the uk to AUSTRALIA and then here, luckily I bought new tvs in each country but I assume from all this bollocks that a tv bought in Nz won't work in England,or vice versa? Have others had the same problems re logins, location and the lg services?

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Thanks.  I tried that, but it is still limited to regional countries, that also don't have access to Netflix for example.  I rang LG today to complain about what is basically false advertising in this part of the world - none of the 'smart' functions actually work on their TV's here in NZ, in part LG's doing and in part because NZ is just a backwater really.... and they confirmed there is no way to change the actual region that the TV is set to as this is based on manufacture, they said it's hardware related.  I wasn't quite convinced but that was their reasoning - i have tried to use my overseas DNS settings with no luck either.  So, suffice to say i'm less than impressed with this TV and the limitations it has imposed by geography that are not spelt out in the marketing campaign.

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