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Coming soon: Spotify, DR TV, TV2 Play and TDC Blockbuster



According to Danish site flatpanels.dk, we will soon see a number of new webOS smart TV apps including:

  • Spotify (to be introduced within weeks)
  • DR TV (2014)
  • TV2 Play (2014)
  • TDC Blockbuster (2014)

The last three above are apps from Danish TV stations or internet services. But the first I assume is an international launch to whereever Spotify is available.


Flatpanels.dk also asked LG about HBO Nordic, and the answer was that there is a dialog, but nothing concrete to tell yet.


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I think we will see allot of new things in 2015 and especially at CES in January.

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Well, hopefully they will;


1) Rework the entire "smart share" concept, as it is now it one of the worst sharing setups I have ever used. I would prefer they allow to setup independent "locations" for each type of media, then simply when I load the "media gallery" or whatever, I can easily sort videos, pictures, whatever automatically without having to folder browse it every single time. "Videos -> Add location" or something like that. 


2) Make the time machine concept even smarter. 


3) Release a better magic remote, with a few more hardware buttons, like play, pause, ffw, rew, rec, stop and tv guide. Numeric buttons would be nice too, It is tiresome to have to use the point and click concept for almost everything that involves PVR-ing and tv zapping.


4) Add a mini guide when browsing tv.


5) Add a web browser icon that match with the other icons. All other icons are minimalistical and nice, but that one with "www" looks like something from a candy wrapping paper from the 1940's. 


6) Lots of bug fixes and performance fixes please...


7) For the oled tv, fix the judder issues.


Fingers crossed...



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