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  1. Older: "After a few days of testing, I come to the conclusion that Plex App for webOS was to blame. When I had it installed, well, you can read the previous comment of what it did. Now it's been 4 days since I uninstalled it and the bug didn't occured. That is why I came to this conclusion. I already bought XPlay, so I have no problem with Plex app being uninstalled." I thought that Plex app was to blame the Program jumping from one number to another, but today it happened again. I don't know what the problem is exactly, but as I said in the 5th july post, this needs to be fixed as soon as
  2. I just found a problem regarding this firmware. If I have, let's say National Geographic on program number 17, sometimes when I open the tv, the program changes to a random number (today it jumped to 34, but at 34 I already had another program installed). And now I have program #17 free (no channel installed) and on position 34 I have two programs. This needs an immediate fix, cause it's one very annoying bug. I already reordered the programs 3 times, and this thing keeps happening. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Hello Muhammad. You can't find this model on UK supported list, because it is a model specific to India, Egypt and a few other countries. I checked on the Egypt version of the website and the latest version is 4.00.30 from 21-October-2015. So it is not updated yet for this model.
  4. I confirm that Plex official app appeared with this new update on the LGStore. I can't get Plex to play trailers before movies. I have to say, that I still prefer XPlay.
  5. No idea whatsoever. It still appears on website so you could try install it from USB stick. It's very easy. Just follow my tutorial above.
  6. How are you trying to play the movie? From USB stick, through SmartShare app, or other apps/media servers(WMP server, Plex, etc)?
  7. So, in order to answer all your questions, I have to say that I am not a 100% experienced person regarding webOS, but from what I know(reading webOS forums, searching the web and studying LG's website) there is no such thing as a custom webOS for LG TV's(but I also might be wrong). Please take in regard that your TV is a discontinued one, so this means, it will not get any further updates. 1. The latest updated firmware for your TV is version 5.00.55 released on January 25th 2016. You can check your webOS version in the Advanced Settings-> About this TV 2. No customization regarding GUI(e
  8. What model is that exactly? 55LB6300, 55LF6300 or what?
  9. Hi everyone, I made in this post a little firmware update tutorial. However if you don't have the knowledge to do this, ask for someone's help. I am not, in any way, responsible for any bricked devices. So now, let's see the good news. I just updated manually the firmware, cause OTA it was not available(although it apears on my country's website, but probably wasn't published on the update servers) and the first thing I've noticed is that the startup is even faster now. On previous version (4.01.00) upon turning on the TV and wanting to change the channel would take from 6-7 second up
  10. Hi everyone, Has any of you updated OTA or manually to the latest webOS 2.0 firmware? It was released on June 13th in Europe and it is ver. 4.05.01! Any new features or performance improvements?

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