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  1. My TV has a magic remote, so no 1 key to press. Is there an equivalent for magic remote?
  2. There's no sign of it in the South African store. Wonder when we'll get access to it?
  3. This is roughly the same thing as I asked in Can I add a browser bookmark to the webOS desktop almost two months ago. I haven't had any replies.
  4. I got it working but found it a little slow, much like accessing the Plex server through the browser. I assumed that would be improved once the release version of the app was available.
  5. Yes, a proper Plex app will be nice. In the meantime, you can use the browser to browse to your Plex server and get the Plex web app. It's a little slow to browse but otherwise works fine. Or, what I have done, is to get a Chromecast. Now I can browse Plex on my iPad or Android phone and cast to the TV. It works for YouTube too, allowing a better YouTube browsing experience than the TV's app has.
  6. I prefer to use the Plex Media Server web app from my PC via the browser over using the TV's DNLS support to access Plex, but this means opening the browser, then opening the bookmark I've saved. It would be nice if I was able to have the bookmark directly on my TV's desktop so I could just launch it from there. Is this possible?

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