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    MLB.TV Issues with LG TV

    The app started to work for me a couple of days ago. You can navigate through the screen with the left/right/up/down and press the wheel to select BUT you cannot select when the pointer is on screen. You have to wait for the pointer to vanish and then you can press the wheel to select.
  2. fatman

    MLB.TV Issues with LG TV

    New season and a new problem. The new and updated app will not allow me to select a game to watch. I can see the list of games but clicking on one doesn't do anything. I can also list the available video clips but again cannot launch any. I have e-mailed MLB.TV support. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I have some 4K video files, both mkv and ts that play perfectly from USB but are shown as not supported using smartshare, SD and HD are fine on the smartshare. Is this a bug or some setting somewhere that I've missed? It's a 55EF950V