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    TV WebOS Sucks

    I purchased the LG 43LF6300 Smart Tv and here are the experience that I had. It is very, very laggy. Everything lags, from the simplest menus to the opening of apps, to the loading of content. LG Content Store works 1 time out of ...50. Virtually nothing gets installed or updated When I contacted the LG support via chat they were unaware of the issue with the LG Content Store and told me that it's my router's problem (which it isn't) I have and "old" 2013 Samsung Smart Tv, it's lighting faster in everything. LG and it's webOS is a disappointment. I was misguided by reviews on the Internet. Don't buy LG. Go for Samsung, it's support line was good, polite and punctual. Samsung TVs also have the Remote Access feature where the technician can operate and troubleshoot the tv remotely.