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  1. I have the same problem. WIFI seems to be more stable than the cable connection. I try to keep both connections up and this seems to make a difference. You are right, this is an issue for A LG software update. I hope they are reding this blog. Best
  2. The answer was pretty simple: the TV does not supply enough power through the USB slots to support recent performing hhd's. After I connected a hdd with external power supply the problem was gone.
  3. Hello everybody, I hope somebody has already crossed the same problem and can get me out of this. When I connect a 1TB HDD on any of my 3 USB slots, it will create a LG Smart TV file on it. So far so good. When I try to record, it only shows 196MB available and therefore refuses the recording due to unsufficient space, as at least 40GB are required. Any idea what I am doing wrong, or what I could try? My HDD is a 1TB Toshiba USB 3.0 disk. Many thanks in advance