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  1. RT @OpinionatedEuro: #DayForFreedom Official Stream! RETWEET THIS! 🇬🇧 https://t.co/76uq6IVztI

  2. RT @LizKershawDJ: Just had a missive from police "Safer Roads Team" to say I am being prosecuted for doing 36MPH in a rural area (yet havin…

  3. Adobe have announced Flash is depreciated and will be killed in 2020.
  4. @LeslieKrupp @TRobinsonNewEra No. They are single sex.

  5. RT @TRobinsonNewEra: Another racist Labour MP. What does colour & background have to do with a man leading this inquiry? Twat. https://t.co…

  6. @OnlineMagazin He definitely says allah hu ackbar and subhan allah several times.

  7. Silverlight is deprecated. It is not available for Chrome or Edge and is unsupported in Apple's Safari and disabled as malware by default, so forget about it working in a niche like smart TVs. Best plan is to lobby the website owners to dump it.
  8. I tried many as we have lots of choice at work without buying them, no jump drives worked, even SAMSUNG T1 256GB. Only spinning disks or SSD mounted in a 2.5" case.
  9. Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros https://t.co/MuHigaRR1j

  10. Boycott this vile Soros-supporting chaff. https://t.co/yl8TwjPQBR

  11. While #Putin was shelling the #terrorists on Thanksgiving, president Hussein #Obama signed the bill which allows $500 million in aid to ISIS

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