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  1. Vistula? Is that Wisła or something? For sure, I will visit. It is my country too ahahaha -Tom
  2. Yep I'm originally from Poland also... Haven't visited in some 23 years -Tom
  3. Hey, no worries Got rid of that 'stupid' TV and changed to Samsung that doesn't spy on me. Hooked up a Raspberry Pi and I'm set! Thanks! -Tom
  4. Hi Simon, My smart TV is not so smart. The crazy Russians have not been able to figure out a way for the newest firmware to get into. There is absolutely no way to enable the debug mode. My TV is an LG 49LF6300 (Canadian model). I enabled the serial port and am able to send commands to it. But this downgrade procedure does not work. I can see that the DNS server is responding. The dump file is empty though. I tried on Win 10 and Win 7 with the same results. Tried few versions of the LG update package. Any ideas? Thanks, -Tom

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