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  1. @supportosamsung s7 edge in assistenza da 6 sett.; pratica di sostituzione ko per errata doc a corredo fornita dal centro ass. No comment

  2. Not working on my tv (65UG870V-ZA.BPIYLJP, assembled in Poland on april 2015 and bought on july in Italy). Double checked the internet configuration via 2 different computers (with firewall off) and it's ok, but no upgrade is found and the dump file is always empty. I want to downgrade because with 03.20.05 there are too many juddering problems (for example in funbox 4k test channel, perfect with the old firmware, now full of ghosting and stuttering)
  3. It's easy for you to use your intuition to see what's going on... More for Cancer http://t.co/4QoAPlSWdA