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  1. I've seen the app-restart because it ran out off memory, once on the new -15 firmware. The TV had been on for about 5 hours, then we saw some videos YouTube for about 40 minutes, and the the app restarted... It's sad that you spend money to upgrade a fully functional but outdated TV (Panasonic Plasma with MPG2-tuner), and go for a promissing TV, and choose a model with 1,2 GHz DualCore procesor (you are not told which) and 2 GB RAM, and then end up with a product you can live with instead of enjoy. A smartphone with these specs greatly outperforms this TV...
  2. The sad thing is that review never goes this deep, and people are enthusiastic about OLED, 4K (just as I was). And then after buying the TV, discover this low-level problems no-one would ever expect in 2015. But apart from that, the TV works all right for my usage now, but it took my one year to learn to disable simplink, and then one month for this fix...
  3. I've tried it yesterday, with a news site, it is extremely slow, and when I left the application to watch TV, it gave the well known App is out of memory error, and went to the TV-app, which worked without any problems or disruptions... The internet browser on the Playstation 3 is far better! The Playstation 4 is very like the PS3, and even the little slow Nintendo Wii does a far better internet (but only in SD resolution).
  4. I've never used the web browser, only tried it once just after installing the tv.
  5. I've updated my 55LB730V to 05.00.15 in Denmark 2 days ago, and it seems to work, I've have not seen the "out of memory" error since. I use Simplink for controlling a Raspery Pi and PS4.

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