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  1. Hi, i need a little help. I did the downgrade following the tutorial but now i cant see any channel with my TV, every channel is just noise sound and a black screen, i have tried to tune in the channels via manual and automatic methods but nothing works. The model of my TV is 49UB8500 and i am in firmware atsc 05.00.20 (not dvb) . This is the info of the in_dump file. I am from chile, thanks in advance for any help. <REQUEST> <PRODUCT_NM>webOS</PRODUCT_NM> <MODEL_NM>HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAATAA</MODEL_NM> <SW_TYPE>FIRMWARE</SW_TYPE> <MAJOR_VER>04</MAJOR_VER> <MINOR_VER>62.43</MINOR_VER> <COUNTRY>CL2</COUNTRY> <DEVICE_ID>3c:cd:93:21:1b:51</DEVICE_ID> <AUTH_FLAG>N</AUTH_FLAG> <IGNORE_DISABLE>N</IGNORE_DISABLE> <ECO_INFO>01</ECO_INFO> <CONFIG_KEY>00</CONFIG_KEY> <LANGUAGE_CODE>es-CL</LANGUAGE_CODE></REQUEST>

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