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  1. Simon, I was successful in adjusting my firmware thanks to your tutorial. All is working great again and im not stuck WebOS 2.0 Thank you so so much! Dave
  2. Your correct. I misread the number of the firmware I downloaded yesterday. Thanks
  3. My firmware is a different number for my tv. Can I update your text with my firmware numbers and get the same results? I'm assuming so, I just want to make sure. Thanks again. Your a life saver.
  4. Simon, Thank you! I will try this as soon as I get home from work. I was looking at that file yesterday assuming those were the pointer files, but my computer categorizes it as "file," not text file etc. Do I need something special to edit this file? Or is Word or notepad ok? thanks dave
  5. Simon, The user, Man0072, was able to correct his firmware OTA with making a "pointer file" so he could send the right firmware after the downgrade changed his tv model. (see page 3 of this thread). """To answer my own questions , I was able to create an answer file and point the TV to a file that was server locally on my computer. It successfully upgraded to 04.41.39, wchich I got from the LG support site for my TV. Then I did an OTA update to 04.45.x and everything is back to stock. The model is HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA again, which is the right one. Thanks for the great tool Simon!! It makes upgrades and downgrades a breeze.""" What does he mean by this? This is my exact scenario. Im in the USA model: 55LB7200 According to the In-Dump folder, my model would be HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA Perhaps you know how to change what Firmware gets sent to my tv? Any and all help is most appreciated. I hope I didn't ruin my tv thanks in advance! -dave

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