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  1. Hello @simon, I finally managed to downgrade my dumb TV !! Many thanks to the method by @smx, the process worked like a charm. Thanks a lot once again for all your help and patience.
  2. Hi @smx, welcome to the forum sure @simon, I will let you know once I try this method, hopefully it will work for me too
  3. Hello Simon, Thanks a lot for all your help and patience. Thanks to the method @hepmisafir found, I believe that I will finally be able to downgrade my dumb TV
  4. Hello Simon, Do you have any new ideas? I am running out of them
  5. Hello again Simon, Unfortunately, my downgrade attempts using my other modem also failed both for the local and online approaches. I don't think our problem is related to a networking issue (after trying many many different configurations, I believe this way ) It seems like our TV does not accept the response file (maybe UF8507 requires some extra steps in the procedure or a response file in a different format) or LG did something on 04.10.10 firmware to block downgrade options I don't want to loose my hope here but I am getting closer to getting crazy
  6. Well, resetting the TV settings to factory defaults did not work either Simon I will also try again with my old modem tomorrow and I hope that we will be able to maintain our mental health at the end
  7. Yes Simon, it's really strange, I do not understand what I am doing wrong Yes, I have automatic DNS settings; I will change it to or OpenDNS IP and try again. Also, I have another modem, I will try the same procedure with that modem. Also, I will set my TV to factory settings before the procedure; I do not know what I am going to do if this fails too I will let you know about the results.
  8. Hi Simon, I didn't really understand what you mean with the other network? I have tried this method with two different laptops on ethernet, is that what you mean?
  9. Hello again Simon, I also tried the above solution on that Windows XP machine but once again the process has failed ("in_dump.txt" file is still empty and my TV does not find any updates) with the following log on the "startDNS.bat" command window: C:\LgDTVUpDater>cd dns C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns>AcrylicConsole.exe ============================================================================== Acrylic DNS Proxy Console Version Press ENTER To Quit ============================================================================== 2015-10-28 13:20:34.125 TBootstrapper.
  10. Hi Simon, First of all, thanks a lot for still helping us. I believe that we will be able to downgrade our dumb TVs very soon with your help, but please don't give up on us I have tried your above solution, exactly following the steps as you described but unfortunately my "in_dump.txt" file is still empty and my TV does not find any updates yet again. Here is the updated log from the "startDNS.bat" command window: C:\LgDTVUpDater>cd dns C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns>AcrylicConsole.exe ============================================================================== Acrylic DNS Proxy Cons
  11. Hi Simon, yes, the problem is almost certainly related to my TV model or its current software version 04.10.10 because I have tried all I could to eliminate any possible network issues. I have picked up an old laptop (with Windows XP) from the office, disabled the Windows firewall, made sure that only this computer and my TV is connected to my router via ethernet (I have even disabled WiFi on my router and on my TV) but still the TV could not find any updates. I guess I am stuck with 04.10.10
  12. Hi Simon, Thanks a lot for your help but unfortunately this did not work for me either I have disabled both my Kaspersky and Windows firewalls, then I have downloaded the software file to the "htdocs" folder and modified the "HE_DTV_W15U_AFADABAA" file with the content above and with my computer's IP address but still no luck (the online method also failed), my in_dump.txt file is not updated and my TV cannot find any updates I guess I will have to try this on a different computer, that is my option left. By the way, here are the "startDNS.bat" log entries I receive using the local
  13. Unfortunately, it's still dumb and empty:) for some reason it is not overwritten
  14. Hi Simon, Thanks for the tip, this time I connected both my TV and my computer to the network via ethernet (my TV could go online this time as shown below): Unfortunately, my TV could not find any updates again (both online and local methods failed). But this time (while Apache does not create any logs) "startDNS.bat" window produced many log entries which I shared below: I think we are getting closer to be able to downgrade this DumbTV C:\LgDTVUpDater>cd dns C:\LgDTVUpDater\dns>AcrylicConsole.exe =======================================================================
  15. Hello Simon, First of all, yes I am using the LgDTVUpDater script you have shared on the first page of this thread (which is updated on October, 19th) and I am pretty sure that I am following the steps as you described. Now, I would like to share some further details regarding my case hoping that they would help you So first, some information about my TV (the exact TV model and the WiFi DNS settings that I am using): Here is the "AcrylicHosts.txt" file that I am using (where is the IP address of my computer): Here is what happens after running startDNS.bat and st

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