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  1. Hey, the guy is me Thanks guys and welcome to the club, dear smx.
  2. Hi guys, Yesterday i faced with this NSU_Emu by SMX method. Luckily, this method worked succesfully for my 49UF8507 model. I think NSU_Emu by SMX method can be an alternative way for who suffers from LgTvUpdater method like me and mtuna10. Finally my tv was downgraded. Thank you very much for your guidance SIMON.
  3. you are probably right. Some guys argue interesting problems/solutions about similiar issues on this page: http://blog.techflaws.org/2014/05/26/firmware-downgrade-for-lg-smart-tvs/ we hope to find a working solution. otherwise we will be cracked by the warranty terms. And i'm afraid we will not get new official update for a few years.
  4. i'm still also with you guys (Simon, i really appreciate your kind patience. thanks a lot!) i have tried all possible ways too but still negative. One of the ways that i haven't tried is make an ethernet wired connection between PC and TV without router since i don't know how to do. And the last one of the ways is to learn russian to make our TV hacked by russian guys... my last reply, fyi:
  5. I've tried your last update but still no changes in in_dump file. I perform the work by WiFi network. - I set the area code for Russia as suggested by @mbabakj - turned off windows 8.1 firewall (no antivirus soft.) - checked for port 80 for apache.exe (also, AcrylicConsole.exe uses port 53) - checked the gateaway if both pc and tv match ( Note: Our Turkish UF8507 model number is different from Russia UF850V model. May this cause the problem?
  6. Dear SIMON, i need the same issues with dtosun and i've tried a lot but unfortunatelly i haven't able to solve the problem whatever i tried. 1 to 10 steps don't make a sense at all. TV shows "there's no update" and we can not see the TV model name automaticly in dump.txt file. Then, if i set it manually by using the pre-downladed .epk file and files in your "TV Series" folder, there's still the same: "there's no update". Any advise, please? (thanks in advance) ____________________ TV tv model info's: HE_DTV_W15U_AFADABAA 03_30_02_DE_GB_ UF850