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  1. Hi @smx, Thank you for share this method. I tried it yesterday and sure it is working good. I was changed my firmware version from 3.30.05 to 3.20.05. My tv model is LG 49UF8507.
  2. Remember, my problem same as Mtuna10 and same model.
  3. Hi, SIMON, My firmware version is 3.30.05, but i couldnt downgrade my firmware:(
  4. Hi SIMON, I need help to downgrade my TV's firmware. I could not find my TV's model in the list. I m From Turkey. My TV model is LG 49UF8507. Can you help me to downgrade my firmware. My firmware is 3.30.05 I want to downgrade it to: 3.20.05 Thank you for your support. Regards,

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