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  1. Simon, I succeed to downgrade my TV. After I closed port 80, Apache was running fine and TV saw the new UPDATE. Thank you for your support
  2. Yes, it is unpacked in C:, I found in apache log this error message ([Fri Sep 25 18:12:49 2015] [crit] make_sock: could not bind to port 80) and now I'm trying to close port 80 to be used by apache. Thank you.
  3. Not working. Same missing message "Accept downgrade......". What about start HTTP.bat is running for 1 sec and disappear. Is mandatory to have 2 windows with command prompt (http.bat and start DNS) ? I restart the PC few times but nothing, I have only one open window.
  4. Simon, I try to downgrade from 05.00.04 to 04.55.40 but nothing happened in step "11". No downgrade message!!! I used HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA online and local version. Model : LG55UC970. It's other way to downgrade the TV? My issues with this update is restart of TV due to '' free memory app......" Thank you.