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  1. I tried everything to downgrade, and still doesn't work. I have the LB6500, the brazilian equivalent to US LB6300. I tried the updater from Russian and Brazilian foruns, tried to edit the files myself, I have downloaded the last working firmware (04.65.05), but it never finds the update on the TV. Is it normal to the startHTTP to close after 30s? I'm getting this error: I'm also getting lgtvonline.lge.com + BR.lgtvsdp.com + BR.info.lgsmartad.com from the from the startDNS, which I added to the AcrylicHosts. I can use my TV with all the memory error since 05.00.04 update. UPDATE: nevermind, I'm really really stupid! I was extracting the files to the desktop. I never thought it had to be on C:.