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  1. To answer my own questions , I was able to create an answer file and point the TV to a file that was server locally on my computer. It successfully upgraded to 04.41.39, wchich I got from the LG support site for my TV. Then I did an OTA update to 04.45.x and everything is back to stock. The model is HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA again, which is the right one. Thanks for the great tool Simon!! It makes upgrades and downgrades a breeze.
  2. I read trough your script and I see that it forces HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA model to install firmware for HE_DTV_NC4M_AFAAABAA instead. Would that create any issues for getting back to stock firmware/OTA updates? I am currently stuck on 3.23. and CEC is not working for my STB or any of my other components. I really need to get back on 04.41.39, which was the last version for my 70LB7100-UC TV before 5.00.04. I am unable to update via USB as I belive the firmware (starfish-atsc-secured-m14tv-32.arches-3239-04.41.39-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk) doesn't work because my TV thinks that it is HE_DTV_NC4M_AFAAABAA now. Nothing happens when I insert the USB drive and OTA does not find any updates either. How do I make my TV become the correct model HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA again? Or which 04.41.39 firmware do I need to download/install that is compatible? Thanks for your help!
  3. OTA says "No update found". USB does not pop up to update, just SmartShare opens. I tried all 3 USB ports. Any way to set your updater to point to 04.41.39 instead of 03.23.24? Thanks!
  4. It actually worked, woohoo! I successfully downgraded to 3.23.32. Now how do I upgrade to 04.41.39? I created a USB drive with LG_DTV folder and the starfish-atsc-secured-m14tv-32.arches-3239-04.41.39-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk file in it. But when I insert in the TV, only SmartShare message pops up, no update. Thanks for any more info!
  5. Any way you can add HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA? Thanks in advance.
  6. Unfortunately this method is not working for me either. I'm getting tons of "Out of memory" errors and everything is crashing after my TV did an auto update to 05.00.04. Can 70LB7100-UC model get added to this tool? Below is the infor from my TV. Appreciate the hard work! 70LB7100-UC Software Version 05.00.04 webOS TV Version 1.4.0-2504 (afro-ashley) <REQUEST> <PRODUCT_NM>webOS</PRODUCT_NM> <MODEL_NM>HE_DTV_WT1M_AFAAATAA</MODEL_NM> <SW_TYPE>FIRMWARE</SW_TYPE> <MAJOR_VER>05</MAJOR_VER> <MINOR_VER>00.04</MINOR_VER> <COUNTRY>US2</COUNTRY> <DEVICE_ID>XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX</DEVICE_ID> <AUTH_FLAG>N</AUTH_FLAG> <IGNORE_DISABLE>N</IGNORE_DISABLE> <ECO_INFO>01</ECO_INFO> <CONFIG_KEY>00</CONFIG_KEY> <LANGUAGE_CODE>en-US</LANGUAGE_CODE> </REQUEST>

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