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    Audio Sync Issues

    Looks like the problem has gone away with the 05.00.15 UK update. Automatic updates I have now switched off to keep this in a working state.
  2. jeezgeez

    Audio Sync Issues

    Well today I have changed the HDMI cable, moved the port and haven't had an issue yet, but not getting my hopes up. I noticed this option you mentioned today, but have not tried it yet, think it may be disabled already, but will give it a go should it lose sync again. Thanks for the help, this has been driving me nuts for weeks, never experienced anything like it before on a TV!
  3. jeezgeez

    Audio Sync Issues

    Having exactly the same issue. I thought it was an issue with a new PC I had connected up, don't have any other devices that connect up to it currently, but managed to prove it wasn't the PC at fault. Did you manage to resolve the issue? If so, could you let me know how? Thanks