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  1. I forgot to mention that there is no iView app update to 6.2.0. My LG TV says that the current version is still 5.4. But the problem does seem to have disappeared.
  2. Hi Karin On Thursday, September 1 ABC audience support sent me the following message: "We have released an update today, version 6.2.0. Can you please ensure you have this version installed and advise if the problem persists?" The update has resolved the issue for me. Hopefully it will also resolve your issue. Regards, Peter
  3. I'm also experiencing momentary interruptions in iView that occur every 10 seconds. I don't have problems with any other app. My TV is an LG 43 Inch UN73 Series 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UN7300PTC. As suggested by LG Support I connected the TV to my mobile phone rather than my home NBN but still the problem persisted. I then did a factory reset of the TV but this did NOT resolve the issue. So I guess it's an issue with the iView app rather than the TV. I found it so annoying that in desperation I bought an Apple TV 4K box. And now iView works fine. It's a costly workaround ($240) but at least iView now works.
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