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  1. Well, the problem seems to be fixed for me! I really hope it’s not just me and the glitch is gone for everyone now. I couldn’t tell if the app updated itself (have it set for automatic updates) and the LG Content Store still shows the same version no. 5.4.0 and updated 15/3/21. But in the iView app itself it now states it is Version 6.2.0 (was 6.1.4) and Config LGWEBOSHLSJS (was LGWEBOSDEFAULT). All I did was try the app again and it behaved perfectly, then checked for the update info. I am so very glad I didn’t do a factory reset of the tv like they kept suggesting! Fingers crossed there is good news for everyone else here too.
  2. Thanks, Noel, I’m glad they appear to be working on it now. Fingers crossed they can find the culprit! I assume there will just be a welcome firmware update when they fix it. I have resurrected my old PVR so I can at least pause and rewind live tv for some shows and not tie up my iPad for screen casting. Not ideal though, I lose the subtitles which I rely on more than I thought I did!
  3. Hi Peter, that’s interesting that connecting via your phone didn’t help - it really points to the tv version of the app itself being the problem. I sent iView support the whole saga via email and they said they’ve passed it on to their product team, and got the feeling that was my reply, that they weren’t intending to contact me again about this. My email did generate a ticket number on their system - so I’m happy to generate another one every week or so until it’s fixed. Don’t know if they’re already being swamped, I figure the more people with LG tvs ruling out the LG side as being the cause the quicker we might get there! I don’t really need another excuse to buy an Apple TV box, resisted well up to now and it’s going to be more tempting if this drags on! Great to know that it works though, thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks for your response, Emanuel, and I’m sorry the bug has returned for you too! For me it occurs every 10 seconds exactly and in the same place each time (like right on the punchline of a joke, grrr) and it is the only app that does anything remotely like this. I looked at what I would need to do after a reset of the tv and it would mess up too many other apps for me to consider doing that. I’m going to start nagging the ABC as the fault seems to be entirely within their app. Hopefully there’s a ton of other people doing the same and just not posting in forums that I could find. And I’ll work out how to use my PVR again, I’ve been relying on iView for catch-up tv for years now. Good luck with your relapsing issue too, fingers crossed for some good news soon!
  5. Seems it’s my turn to have this problem except the sound drops out and the picture freezes for a fraction of a second very frequently - like once every 10 seconds! My tv is LG NANO86TNA and the ABC iView app is version 5.4.0, updated 15/3/21. I just tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and there is no change. I can watch the iView app on my iPad without any issues, and I can cast from the iPad to the tv as well. This is an annoying workaround to have to use. It’s been a while since everyone posted here so I hope there is a solution that I just haven’t found yet. Anyone else experiencing this problem now?
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