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  1. I have an OLED55B7A with 6.00.05, and the user interface and apps are completely useless, so I use a Roku box. That said, the TV randomly reboots from time to time. So, my questions: 1. Did anyone install 6.00.25 and get *increased* performance out of the webOS UI? 2. Does anyone have a rebooting issue that 6.00.25 fixes? Thanks! Rob
  2. Hi, I have an LG OLED55B7A that has been rebooting randomly ever since I updated it to webOS 6.00.05 about 6 months ago. I have noted there is a new webOS version 6.00.20 available. Has anyone here had the same rebooting problem, and if so, did the latest webOS correct the issue? In general, my setup has the LG tv doing as little as possible - it is simply a display for my Roku box via my AVR, as the TV's interface and apps slowly became completely unusable about a year after purchase. So, no ethernet, no WiFi, all services turned off, etc., and this helped with all of the performance issues, except the rebooting. @LG tv if you ever read this - you have done a TERRIBLE job of managing the software on these TVs. webOS started off as a real alternative to all of the external set top boxes, but now, I will *never* *ever* buy another LG TV again, and I tell everyone I know to avoid them. Worst product management in the consumer electronics industry in the past 10 years. Thanks fellow sufferers for any tips. Rob
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